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Wearing the best dress for your Owambe

The idea of getting together with your friends and family on weekends helps to release tension and prepare you for the following week. One of the most interesting part of attending a Nigerian wedding ceremony is the colourful and unique designed attires worn b guests especially ladies. With many talented designers

Stay classic with this blue outfit

This is a long Gown with an extremely long open sleeve.It is a body fitted gown with a canoe neck.The unique thing about this dress is its uncommon sleeve. She rocked it with her gold turban as Gold goes with different colors. This Dress is definitely for Elegant meetings.


In front of you is an Inspiring knee-length gown. It is an off shoulder gown with a love shaped neck and a short sleeve. What makes this Elegant is the presence of the long detachable veil attached to it and the Golden pearl on the waistline which goes together with