Check out the latest kimono style

The word “kimono” evokes in our minds in associations with Japanese national clothing, it is widespread in the rest of the world. Moreover, kimono styles were borrowed and transformed according to the modern trends. Therefore, today we can see them, done in various cuts, styles and with the use of different fabrics. If you are […]

Combine your Ankara with Jean material

It is common nowadays in the fashion world to add a bit of Ankara flavour to several designs as it brings out the beauty of other materials being used and depicts originality. This is a jean material sewed together with an Ankara as a fitted and peplum gown. The peplum is sewed as a low-rise […]

Diversity in simplicity!!

This is one blouse that can take you from being casual to being official. Right before you is a wrap around blouse made with an Ankara and a plain fabric. The upper part of the blouse is overlapped and the lower part of the blouse is peplum. Looking at it closely, it seemed to be […]

Corporate Dress for the week

It is often observed that female professionals do not bother much about the clothes they wear to work. Never overlook your professional attire. Remember clothes help you create the desired “first impression”. Let us go through some corporate dressing tips for women. Be careful about the fit of your dress. It is not necessary that a dress […]

Combine Ankara with plain pattern material

One of the best combination that makes you become super gorgeous!!! Combine Ankara with plain pattern material

perfect dress for your sunday

One of the the best way is to stay inline with fashion


Make Every Man Loses Concentration with “Show My Backside Gown”

Loose flow single items of clothing are sown in different styles which depends on the customer’s choice and the creativity of the fashion designer. In this article, you shall know of a gown which is used to divert very man’s attention you passed by or every man that will see you in this dress anywhere, […]