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Rock your dreamed senator wear

Senator native wear designs for Nigerian men, especially those of Igbo origin, are a popular choice for very special occasions like weddings, big holidays, and so on. Such attire gives men an utterly elegant look and a touch of authenticity. The style is quickly becoming a truly national outfit that looks good on both men and women.
In spite of the huge popularity of the style, a bigger part of Nigerians who choose it as their outfit will hardly be able to explain the history behind this style and the name. In reality, everything is quite simple. The first man to wear the outfit of this type was a real senator. At that time, he was the Senate President during Obasanjo’s tenure. The senator was Anyiam Pius Anyiam.
Senator wears are comfortable, strict or playful looking, elegant, stylish and fashionable. Usually, senator native designs for men do not usually have embroidery. Senator styles can come with short and long sleeves. The above picture describe a senator wear with patches of Ankara at the front which makes it to look good unique. Ensure your fashion designer make your dream style for you and Keep checking fashionSpace for latest styles.

By Adekunle Musa.

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